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Boxing Equipments

Another interesting and popular martial art is boxing. Boxing is a combat sport in which two people wear gloves and throw punches at each other. The important goal of this sport is to weaken your opponent and....

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Mixed Martial Arts

With the advent and rise of popularity of Fighters, many of the people among us have become diehard fans of mixed martial arts. But few of us know about the basic areas that comprise the sport of mixed martial arts...

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Martial Arts

Martial Arts were originated in Asia, which covers a broad range of activities. This sport includes fighting techniques, mental discipline and physical fitness. This sport is now observed all over the world for....

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As far as you are taking correct nutrition and are on balance diet, people think that you are fit. Fitness doesn’t really mean to maintain a balance diet. It is the ability to perform sports or occupations....

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

There are some sports that evolve due to their experiments and practice and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of them. It is a combat and a self-defense sport that mainly focuses on grappling and ground fighting....

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Muay Thai

Muay thai is another combat sport of Thailand that uses various clinching techniques. It is the national and cultural martial art of Thailand. It’s a very old sport that was developed hundreds of years ago....

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About Roomaif

Company Profile:

ROOMAIF is a professional group who is offering a wide range of sports goods and leather products since 1990. We aim to fulfill the requirements of our valued customers as per their expectations. We provide our best services to our valued customers. Our main focus is to develop quality products for our customers.

ROOMAIF has progressed up to the mark among the sports community around the globe because we commit to develop new technologies in this modern world.


ROOMAIF provides a customer oriented environment. The products are produced in friendly environment by keeping the rights of the works secure and protected. ROOMAIF offers a wide range of sports products including Boxing, Martial Arts, Fitness and MMA equipment, Footwear, apparel, gloves and other sports products which are necessary for boxing, fitness and martial arts. Apart from this, ROOMAIF has also introduced an independent R&D cell to develop new products and provide advancement in the production methods. In this way ROOMAIF will be able to meet the challenging demands of the future.

Business Strategy:

The brand comprises of the following strategies: Development and designing of the products and marketing the products globally. The company’s motive is to create this brand as a winning image. We want our customers to be engaged with us for a lifetime relationship.


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